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Should You Go Out? (Terminated)

COVID-19 lockdowns are lifting. How safe is it to go out?

As countries around the world start easing COVID-19 lockdowns, Elena Polozova, a mathematician has developed a series of models to weigh up the risks of taking a walk, shopping and socializing. This website was built on top of Elena's models. The aim is to provide a simple to use interface for using the models as the models require intermediate to advanced level understanding of maths, physics and statistics. Thus, with little or no knowedge in the listed fields, anyone can use the models and make sense of the estimations.

How to use

Simply complete the fields with details (mostly estimates) of your outing. Then click on the 'ESTIMATE INFECTION RISK' button.

Note: This website and the model on which it is built has not been endorced by any agency (not yet, at least)
The figures on this website are estimates. They are not precise values. They are based on the information provided, and may change if additional information is forthcoming, or specifications change or the estimation model gets updated. This website, it's owner(s) and contributor(s) shall not be held liable for any damage, injuries, or loss caused by the estimates provided on this website.

Reporting Issues

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  • Thanks to Elena Polozova who built the estimation models in python on top of which this website is built. You can find the source code on Github. There's is also a Spreadsheet version of this model for more advanced users who want more control of the parameters. It's avalaible here, you could make a copy for yourself since the original is not editable
  • Country specific data provided by
  • UIkit for this UI. I am not a front-end guy, so pardon the look.
  • Python model is hosted at Heroku.

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